The Web Is Broken!

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*What Is A Broken Link?

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What Is Broken Link Building?

A SEO White-Hat Strategy

You search for broken resources on relevant sites related to a keyword you want to rank better for on search results like Google/Bing. The idea is you propose a replacement URL to the web owner resulting in a new backlink.
Making Internet Great Again

Competitor Advantage

The problem before our seo tool, was that you had to rely on a browser plugin that would limit you to one page at a time. So we created a sudo search engine that only returns thousands of sites at once that have broken links, the server error/status code, link text & broken URLs. Its about scaling your efforts, time is money!
making internet great again
SEO Broken Link Finder
23% of Websites Have Broken URLs

Next Level Link Building

Many sites create these great resources, blog post & other pages linking to other sites, the problem: Websites shutdown, expire, etc & that site owner isn't aware.

A Win Win Win Tactic

While Helping Your Rankings, You Build A Better Web

Backlink Building

URL's pointing to your site are part of how search engines rank you, so go build.


This type of outreach is a win win situations so you create contacts to collaborate with.

Fixing The Internet

As we help ourselves to 404's, 500 server errors we fix the web 1 broken link at a time.

Broken Link Building SEO Strategy

" The broken link building strategy is a white-hat scalable tactic that builds links through finding broken links. By helping webmasters replace their broken links with yours, you not only get backlinks you help the internet! "

- Jase N.

SEO'er of
“ My mother called me once & said I broke the computer, I went on the Twitter & clicked a shared website & got a broken 404 error. That's when I knew not only was this the perfect solution to fixing the web, it helps SEO & website owners gain backlinks that are relevant to help their search rankings.”

- Adam Carlisle

SEO Analyst