Visit the home page here and enter your keyword and search and it will return a list of website sources with broken links.

This is not normal please contact support at

We crawl 24/7 but might not have been in the topic you seek so for that we have a feature where you can add the keyword to our crawlers to prioritize finding links for this keyword. See here: link needed

Once the application is consistently bug free for a set amount of time we will close enrollment and disclose the criteria for membership. A fee has not yet been decided on or when it would be places but for sure it will be very inexpensive.

About Us

It’s actually a pretty funny story how I came to create this site.

… My mother called me one day & said I broke the internet! Confused I said what? how? She said, she went on ‘The Twitter’ & clicked a website link and the page said not found. (I give her a lot of credit she’s 67 years old trying social media) I remoted into her PC and explained the situation and emailed that company. This situation would play out quite a few times from her and her friends ( it became overwhelming )

That's when I knew...

The Internet Is Broken:

    I knew I had to create a solution to fixing the web and as a software developer and experienced SEO manager I took on the mission!
    It’s a real win-win, it helps with SEO and fixes the web (And I get fewer calls from Mom and her friends about )

Well we are a team of 3 spanning three different continents. Jase is in Connecticut USA, Gwen is in The Netherlands EU and Mako from Venezuela.

We have all known one another for over a decade and bring to the table different expertise in online marketing

This is a labor of love currently, so if you want to join us send us an email we need all the help we can get,

The Internet Is Broken (Stats)

Sadly, 23% of web pages have broken links on their home page alone.

A broken or dead link is simply a website link that no longer works for one reason or another.

Example: You visit a website and click on a link that is suppose to have images of pretty cats. Instead you get an error page so you go back and click it again thinking it will work but it doesn't, so you exit that website because broken links suck!

This is a two part equation and both must work hand and hand or else it wont ever be fixed.

  • 1: You must fix whats currently broken
  • 2: You must monitor your website for future broken links.
  • The average website exist less than 2 years, and resources and pages change all the time. The problem is there is no way for web admins to say to people who link to them that they are changing site structure or going offline, so the responsibility lies in the web admin to who is linking out.

    Feature Request

    We have received some good feature request that we are working on and will release ASAP here they are below so that you dont send us the same ones.

  • 1: Whole site scanning for broken links
  • 2: Site monitoring for broken links.
  • 3: A webpage broken link checker
  • 4: Ability to view the MOZ Page Authority score on the results page.
  • 5: Ability to view out bound link amount.
  • Your request is something different? Great send us an email: